We are so excited, we can’t wait any longer!!! The Mid-Shore Voice Competition kicks off this Thursday, September 26th @ 6pm. Join us for the first Elimination Round and cheer on you favorite contestants.
Contestants selected include:

  1. Katelyn Hagan
  2. Emma Bailey
  3. Jay Jones
  4. Ayla Dennis
  5. Alexandria Wallace-Elliott
  6. Garrett Roe
  7. Rachel Jones
  8. Brenda Owens
  9. Jordan LeCompte
  10. Wordell Johnson
  11. Paige Stevenson
  12. Missy LeCompte

See you all on Thursday Evenings at 6pm at Sailwinds West at Governors Hall as the region's best singing talents compete for prizes, including CA$H! Don't forget to grab dinner or a drink while here at The Osprey’s Nest.